What a Day Looks Like


What does A Day at Camp Looks Like:


A campers morning starts with wake-up call and getting ready to head to breakfast.  Campers head to the dining hall and gather where they will recite the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer before dining on freshly prepared, well balanced meal.  After breakfast campers typically go for cabin clean up and then move into the meeting area for morning meeting and a breakdown of what their day will hold.

After morning meeting there is some personal quiet time and reflection that leads into scheduled activites and games.  After some free time, campers head for Lunch.


Campers eat a warm and hearty lunch, clean up their dining tables and have rest time.  Campers can relax in their cabins or spend quiet time alone.  The combination of the early start, the hectic morning and the belly full of food may put you in the mood for an afternoon rest. From there it’s back to activities and then afternoon free time where campers can choose from a variety of activities and play.


It’s food again…then onto evening activity. Evening activities are great fun and an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. Campers and counselors alike can integrate with people from other cabins and age groups. Evening activities range from themed dances, all-camp competitions, campfires, and talent shows. The list goes on and on. From here the campers will get ready for bed and a new day tomorrow.   Once the campers are in their cabins this is time for cabin mates and counselors to reflect on the day and have some truly real conversations and develop true friendships.  It’s off to sleep, and start it all over again!