History of Youth Helpers

Youth Helpers is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping children in our community in a variety of ways. Youth Helpers believes that children are the foundation of our future and all children should be allowed the opportunities to grow and discover who they were created to be.

Founded in 2011 through Laurel Pines Camp, Youth Helpers wanted to reach children in our communities to strengthen children confidence, respect and love for god and in turn returning home to make a positive impact on their community.  Youth Helpers wants to reach out to communities and strengthen the foundation of the children to create a better tomorrow for all.  Stronger, confident, respectful children equal better leaders, better citizens and a brighter future.

One of Youth Helpers major projects is to send children to summer camp at Laurel Pines Camp in Big Bear California. At Laurel Pines Camp, children are introduced to nature and it’s Creator through fellowship, fun-fi­lled recreation and spiritual teaching. Children are brought out of the city and into a peaceful and serene mountain environment to discover God’s creation, many for the ­first time. They learn about Christ, build confi­dence in themselves, develop relationships with others and experience a truly life-changing week.

Youth Helpers also supports community Fire and Police Explorer programs, schools and other community needs.