Camp Rules

When you arrive at Youth Helpers camp you are expected to be on your best behavior. You are responsible for your own actions; if you cannot abide by the rules, you will be sent home.


Other rules will be discussed upon arrival at Youth Helpers Unplugged. All students are expected to abide all camp rules.

1. You will be assigned a buddy and must know where your buddy is at all times.
2. Respect other people’s property. If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.
3. Keep track of your own property, and know where it is at all times.
4. You may not go into a cabin other than your own without counselor permission.
Girls cannot visit boy’s cabins, and boys cannot visit girl cabin!
5. Campers must wear closed toed shoes at all times. Sandals/flip flops are allowed only to walk to and from pool or shower
6. Clothing – NO bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, bikinis (one piece swimsuits must be worn); short shorts (shorter than arm’s length) or Shirts with offensive language or pictures are allowed. Camp is fun and learning, not a fashion completion.
7. You have broken the rules if you are involved in fighting, pretend fighting, teasing, put downs, gossip or hurting another person, even if you didn’t start it.
8. Show respect to nature and camp by not littering. Always walk on trails.
9. Wildlife is wild and should be left alone. Please tell a counselor or staff member if you see something, but do not touch it or chase it.
10. Stay within boundaries discussed on first day. Do not wander off!
11. NO food, gum, candy or drinks are allowed to be brought by campers.
12. NO cell phones, radios, ipods or electronic gear are allowed.
13. NO matches, lighters, fire starters, pocket knives or weapons of any kind.
14. NO cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, ,marijuana or other illicit/illegal substances
15. Respect each other and all camp counselors and staff.


Strike 1: The 1st strike will result in being counseled by a counselor/staff member.
Strike 2: The 2nd strike will have you talking in the office with your counselor and Camp Director. Parents will be called and you will be placed on a behavior contract.
Strike 3: The 3rd strike will result in you being sent home immediately.

Any camper who jeopardizes the safety of any other camper or staff member; are caught with
drugs, alcohol, or illicit/illegal substances will be immediately expelled from
Youth Helpers Unplugged with no warning or chances.